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12 May 2011
Visa Inc. is making a virtual "wallet" that can hold people's card account information for faster checkouts at online shopping sites and real-world stores.
06 May 2011
French eftpos terminal manufacturer Ingenico has confirmed that it has been contracted by Google to provide retailer check-outs with NFC hardware capable of redeeming discount coupons downloaded over an Android phone.
05 May 2011
Banking representative body the European Payments Council (EPC) has released a set of guidelines for mobile contactless transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa).
17 September 2007
SafePass, a new two-factor authentication system that can be operated using a mobile phone, has been presented by Bank of America (BoA) for its Web banking customers. A second system involving a wallet card that generates passwords for single use in online brokerage and banking transactions is also being piloted by the Bank.
05 September 2007
Accepting Contactless Payments: A Merchant Guide is available free at Smart Card Alliance Website.
27 August 2007
Within one or two years, each resident of Russia will have a plastic bank card. At present, for each citizen in Russia, 0.6 bank cards are issued.
13 July 2007
The owners of the Russian mp3 music Internet-shop sued Rosbank that refused to maintain service for payments for songs, acquired at this site by Visa and Mastercard clients.
05 July 2007
A federal appeals court stated that credit card companies that process payments for Internet pirates aren't liable for copyright infringement.
04 July 2007
Mobile police declared a rise of credit card fraud cases in the city because of the people leaving their belongings -- such as purses and wallets -- unattended
22 June 2007
Yesterday the European Union claimed that the United States have to pay compensation for a U.S. ban on foreign online gambling sites, which the World Trade Organization has found doesn't correspond to the global trade rules.
21 June 2007
GE Money company - General Electric Company consumer crediting unit - announced the release of payment card eBay™ MasterCard�. The card was developed specially for making purchases at eBay on-line auction, at that it can be used as an ordinary plastic card.
20 June 2007
MODASolutions has released the results of a new consumer eCommerce survey investigating the relationship between online bill payers and online shoppers.
19 June 2007
The US House Financial Services subcommittee reviews payment industry standards to identify solutions to improve credit protections for consumers.
10 May 2007
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31 August 2006
The certificate gives more confidenсе to our customers that their information is a safe place
26 April 2006
A new service from PSBill - EuroDebit. Take advantages & gain your profit directly withdrawing money from your EU customers bank accounts
03 October 2005
A new service from PSBill - ACH processing. Take advantages & gain your profit accepting checks from your customers
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