Why PSBill?

PSBill provides powerful processing solutions for merchants. Setting us apart from our competitors is the wide range of services, relationships, and support we provide.

In summary, these are:

Owned and managed by professionals with solid banking experience
Strong history in the Ecommerce arena
Service for any business model, including one time payments, recurring billing and large ticket items
Acceptance for all major card brands and many regional and national brands
Robust and solid infrastructure that can handle very large merchant volume
Numerous banking relationships around the world, to ensure our customers have access to competitive pricing and specialized services
Attractive pricing, with many free services that others generally charge for
Online statement reporting available
Comprehensive reporting tools, enabling you to see your payment volume by timeframe, ticket size, users
Processing for merchants with multiple locations
No restrictions on geographic location or registration
State-of-the art fraud control tools, offered at no additional cost
24/7 customer service, offered at not additional cost
24/7 technical support at no additional cost

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