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Payments Solutions and Billing Services PSBill offers payment and internet gateway solutions for your retail or high risk internet company. We provide software, an Internet Virtual Terminal or integration, and a full range of payment processing services, including: MasterCard, Visa, ACH, and Amex & Discover acceptance. PSBill also offers mobile iphone/ipad/droid terminal swipe services, fraud control, batch processing, high risk underwriting, quickbooks sync, electronic invoicing, recurring billing and member management, and low prices for Internet and retail companies. High risk merchants are welcome. You will be able to easily process one-time or recurring payments. We can help you set up your business with a merchant account to accept credit cards and checks, at the lowest possible cost.

High Risk Credit Card Types Established and Startup Businesses OK

Merchants who accept credit cards, ATM/debit cards and checks enjoy greater sales than those who do not. Accepting visa/master cards encourages customer purchasing, stimulates impulse buying, and helps grow your business.

If you are looking for an E-Commerce solution for your website, We have an affordable and uncomplicated answer. Our Payment Service can be added easily to an existing or new website. Compatible with all shopping carts.

Increasingly many small business owners are seeking to use their iOS based ipads, iphones, and android tablets as swipe credit card terminals. Fortunately we offer mobile gateway processing and internet gateway processing all through one easy to use interface. Our smartphone swiper transaction rates are significantly less expensive then compared with other competitor services.

We offer merchants solutions for high risk merchants such as adult, travel, debt collection, e-cigs, smoke shops, credit repair companies, inbound/outbound telemarketing, mlm companies, high volume merchants and more. Even if you have bad or poor credit our processing solutions will approve your business type.

Almost any business, on the Net or not, can benefit from using the ACH system to electronically move money. Using ACH processing allows you to accept payments electronically from a checking or savings account - for one-time and recurring charges.

PSBill’s proprietary FraudWatch protects merchants from the burden associated with fraudulent transactions. Through the use of geo-location metrics and secure authentication standards, PSBill clients reduce fraud risk and keep chargebacks to a minimum.

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17 September 2023

SafePass, a new two-factor authentication system that can be operated using a mobile phone, has been presented by Bank of America (BoA) for its Web banking customers. A second system involving a wallet card that generates passwords for single use in online brokerage and banking transactions is also being piloted by the Bank.

05 September 2023

Accepting Contactless Payments: A Merchant Guide is available free at Smart Card Alliance Website.

27 August 2023

Visa Inc. is making a virtual "wallet" that can hold people's card account information for faster checkouts at online shopping sites and real-world stores.