Escort Agency Merchant Account

Our banks and processors specialize in setting up a high risk merchant account for Adult Dating sites and Escort Agencies. Experience in providing high-risk merchant account processing for the Online Dating sites and Escort Agencies industry means that not only will we set your account up quickly, but we will also set you up with the proper payment solutions that takes into consideration reporting, customer service, shopping carts set ups, and any charge back problems and other important payment processing services like making sure that your shopping cart meets the Payment Application data security standard (PA-DSS). Not meeting this standard means your customer's information can be hacked and merchants could receive massive fines and be restricted from having a merchant processing account. Our Business Service Is Ideal For

  • Start ups or Established Service Providers
  • Shut off By other Gateway Terminals like Square, First Data or Paypal
  • USA, Canada, UK, AU, Domestic and Global Offshore Options
  • Companion Services, Independent Operators, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Planners
  • No Application or Setup Fees

In today's busy internet marketing business, it is imperative that businesses have secure online credit card processing services that can handle high volume credit card, debit card processing along with fast and easy batching. We maintain relationships with several International and Domestic banks and can place your unique merchant processing needs with either a Domestic or offshore processing bank, depending on what will work best for your business needs. We offer virtually every type of payment option available. Why take the chance with working with a bank or processor that may not support your business type? It can be difficult for sexually oriented businesses to find a reliable and safe payment gateway that wont abruptly close your account. If you own and operate an erotic entertainment business you'll need a payment and billing solution that is friendly and processing credit cards for your adult oriented business type.

Because of the unique needs for Online Adult Dating sites, Legal Brothels, Classifieds/Advertising Companies, Swinger Clubs, and Escort Agencies regarding charge backs and unique Customer Service problems, we are experienced and can react fast to those special refund requests that are associated within the Online Dating sites and Escort Agencies Industry.

If you are a merchant looking for a processing account for your adult services business you will soon discover, if you have not already, that traditional low risk merchant processors will not accept you as a client. The reason for this is the real or perceived risk associated with your business type. We work with a lot of High Risk Merchant Account providers to make sure you are getting the best service and rates available. That said, you will need you need to work with a bank that understands your business type and in fact wants your business. What is meant by "understanding" your business is closely related to the bank being able to manage and work within the guidelines of pre-set charge back tolerances and possible losses associated with that risk.

Rates and Fees

Ok, so you own and operate an adult oriented business. We would recommend to be realistic and hold the if its too good to be true, it probably is type of philosophy. If someone is quoting you ridiculously low rates, they are probably just trying to take your money and you will be left with a closed and locked account with your funds held upwards of 180 days or more. Expect to pay a premium for reliable merchant processing services. The bank and processor will be taking substantial risk underwriting your account and therefore will charge a premium for your business. Depending on your credit card processing history, your rates will vary and will likely fall into the 2-3% range. In all honesty, if you are a startup with no merchant processing history, your rates will probably be in the 4% range and potentially higher for an offshore or overseas setup. If you take the credit cards in person/swipe their credit card through a mobile device for example you rates will be on the lower side. If however you take the cards over the phone or through a website, you should expect rates and fees to be on the higher side.

Chargeback Issues

A charge back is when a merchant's customer contacts the bank that issued the credit card and complains that they were charged typically for service that they did not receive and or the service was not what was promised.Bank card transactions can be charged back from 1 day after the transaction and up to 6 months. Even when working with a bank who understands the adult merchant processing space they would rather work with merchants who understand the space. Knowledge of the industry and how to mitigate the risk of charge-backs is viewed as a benefit to the processor.

Potential Reserve Requirements for Escorts

In many cases whether a merchant is new or has an existing account and is looking for a new merchant processing account a processor will require a reserve.A reserve (against charge backs) is also known as a rolling reserve. When a merchant has a "Rolling Reserve" he or she authorizes the bank to debit from daily transaction settlement proceeds (batches) the specified percentage of their gross bankcard sale volume (MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Network) and have it deposited into the Reserve Account. Generally the reserve is between 5-10% of gross bankcard volume. Established companies with payment processing history will typically not need a reserve. Honestly, if you are a startup business however, there likely will be a reserve needed. If you have been told otherwise, please run from them, because they arent being upfront and honest with you. If you are already being mislead from the beginning of the application process, you will find yourself in a more dire situation later.

In some cases, if the agency is a startup with no previous processing history then the Merchant will be required to accumulate a minimum Rolling Reserve deposit based on the specified percentage of its daily transaction settlement proceeds for a period of not less than six (6) complete months (the "Rolling Reserve Holding Period"), although the amount of deposit and length of time funds will be held may be modified at the reasonable discretion of the processor and the bank.After the Rolling Reserve Holding Period has ended, the funds will be released to the Merchant each month on a "first in/first out" rolling release basis. (In the case of a six-month Rolling Reserve Holding Period, the first partial month of processing will not be included as part of the Rolling Reserve Holding Period. Instead, the first complete month after processing has begun will be considered the first month in the Rolling Reserve Holding Period. In other words, the first possible reserve release would occur in the first month after six complete months of capturing reserve funds.) This procedure will be followed during the term of the Agreement, unless otherwise waived or amended by the processor and the bank.

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