Our mission

At PSBill, we want everyone to reap the benefits of the ongoing revolution in digital commerce and communications. It is toward this goal that we focus our company, our technology, our services, and our staff at PSBill.

PSBill seeks to provide the highest level of customer service by taking care of each merchant specific processing need. We provide value to our customers through reliable processing, effective technical support, and custom-tailored solutions to help increase each client's profits.


PSBill is payment solutions provider in the United States and European Union. It has shown revenue and profit consistently, year over year, even during the difficult economic environment of the past. PSBill provides turnkey e-commerce solutions to thousands of business customers around the world. PSBill's proprietary technology supports back-office functions including financial reporting, tracking, fraud prevention, affiliate tracking, customer service and sales tracking.

We built our business realizing that the best way to be successful is to make your ongoing satisfaction our top priority. We look forward to helping you with all of your credit card processing needs now and in future.

PSBill enables any individual or business securely, easily and quickly to accept payments on the Internet. PSBill’s services build on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards, and uses the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention system to create a safe, global, real-time payment environment for you and your buyers.

The third element reflects our commitment to evolving technologies. PSBill provides the most advanced processing platforms available to the various low and high risk industries. In addition to credit card processing, we can provide custom billing solutions utilizing ACH and EuroDebit.

As next-generation networks emerge, PSBill is there, deploying the intelligent infrastructures. Whether you’re a carrier looking to rapidly deploy new services, a Fortune 1000 enterprise-needing comprehensive, proactive security services, or an e-commerce leader wanting to securely process payments and reduce fraud, we can help.

Our exclusive banking relationships, superior customer service and technical innovation are the foundation upon which we support each and every customer. We’re PSBill. Where it all comes together.

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