PSBill service rates depend on two main factors "high risk" vs "low risk" of the business category and volume the amount of transactions. Please note: most merchants can qualify for no annual fees and no cancellation fees. (Month to Month merchant account services)


Below are some average and typical rates for different business types. Since no two businesses are the same each is evaluated as an individual business to determine your transaction rates and fees and what bank underwriting departments will approve. Please Note: rates below are just some samples. Many merchants will qualify for even cheaper and lower rates.

Business / Company TypeApproximate Rates
Offline Retailer / Swiped Transaction1.59%
Retail Store / Keyed In1.79 - 2.25%
Smoke Shop Retail1.99 - 2.99%
Adult Novelty Store Retailer1.99 - 2.99%
Mail Order / Telephone2.19 - 2.99%
Common Ecommerce Website2.29 - 2.99%
High Risk Merchant Website2.39 - 3.99%
Bad Credit Merchant Account2.49 - 3.49%
Smoke / Cigar Shop Online2.69 - 3.99%
Online Adult Business2.99 - 4.50%
Collection Agency2.99 - 4.50%
Travel Agencies2.99 - 4.50%
Credit Repair Merchant2.99 - 4.50%
Offshore Merchant Account4.99 - 9.50%


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