eBay developed its own payment cards

GE Money company - General Electric Company consumer crediting unit - announced the release of payment card eBay™ MasterCard®. The card was developed specially for making purchases at eBay on-line auction, at that it can be used as an ordinary plastic card. The customers may assess the advantages of the card at the end of June.

As was decided, auction eBay will organize eBay MasterCard® card promotion. Card issuer's responsibilities, billing and service are assigned to GE Money Bank.

According to Rusmoney.blogspot.com, a card owner will be able to choose one of three variants for its design and even affix eBay User ID. Card holders automatically become members of the new incentive programme. For each spent from the card $1, 1 Reward Point is added.

Rewards points can be added for purchases, made not in the Internet, but paying by card in the shops, accepting Mastercard cards. The received reward points can be spent on special discounts and vouchers, while shopping at eBay or paying commission fee to the merchant. The card may be attached to the current account at PayPal on-line payment system.

It is also important to say that due to Safe Shipping function, the card owner is protected from unscrupulous merchants in case of not getting the goods, paying for goods and services by card.

Unfortunately, it is not specified how much the card holder will have to spend for this card, but it is already known that the annual fee for service will not be taken.