New payment option: EuroDebit payments

PSBill company is glad to offer a new service to its clients. EuroDebit is one of the best payment method available and when used correctly it brings very significant benefits in terms of cash flow, control over payment timing and operational cost savings when compared with the alternative payment methods. PSBill offers Eurodebit, that is provided in a variety of forms to accommodate each client's particular requirements.

When a customer makes a purchase, funds are directly withdrawn from the customer's bank account. European Direct Debit gives your company direct access to over 160 million European online consumers. With the European Direct Debit payment option, European customers no longer need credit cards. They can safely purchase products or services over the internet using their checking account.

By offering a European debit payment option for your business we are increasing your consumer base substantially [to include] users who don't own a credit card or are reluctant to use it for online purchases.

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