New payment option: ACH payments

Almost any business, on the Net or not, can benefit from using the ACH system to electronically move money. PSBill company is glad to offer a new service to its clients. Using ACH processing allows you to accept payment from a checking or savings account electronically.

Funds are debited from the customer and credited to the business owner. This includes the ability to verify in real time that the account number the customer uses is valid and that there is money in the account. Checks can be converted and deposited as fast as you can say "guaranteed".

PSBill gives you the possibility to nearly double your Internet sales because many customers either do not have credit cards or they prefer to pay with checks. This service allows customers to securely purchase products and services using their existing checking or savings account while allowing businesses to expand their online payment options beyond credit cards. We can provide you with the best ways in securing the check in hand and accepting the funds into your account.

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