Call Center Services in Support of Your Customers

Enabling your customers to pay with a variety of convenient methods is only part of the services we provide. PSBill's comprehensive offerings include an efficient, reliable Call Center to address almost all questions and needs your customers may have.

Our Call Center is fully staffed by well-trained professional who can address questions posed to your web site, chat service, and telephone. By being linked into your ordering system or through our ordering system integrated with your web site, PSBill's Call Center excels in addressing myriad customer inquiries for merchants, including:

Sales and order-taking
Billing amounts and timeframes
Order details and processing status
Order return/refund processing
Your products and services
Your pricing
Your shipping/order delivery status
Complaints, compliments, and other feedback

PSBill's Call Center is available to all merchants, including those we are not providing other services to. We operate in your background by providing:

A customer service number accessible from anywhere in the world and answered promptly
Online chat capability directly from your web site
Web page accessed from your web site and customized to your look and feel, for submitting questions online
E-mail responses to online questions, delivered under your company's name
Random agent monitoring of chat messages, e-mail responses, and telephone conversations, ensuring you and your customers are receiving excellent service

When a customer contacts us, we address them with your company name. To your customer, we always appear to be you, which generates increased confidence and assurances among your user base.

PSBill's Call Center is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - enabling your customers to access immediate high-quality care no matter where they are located, and no matter what time of day is convenient for them to contact you.

The benefits of outsourcing your Call Center functions to PSBill include your ability to offer full-service customer care that is unlimited by time and unrestricted by location, resulting in better customer relationships, enhanced customer satisfaction, and operational cost reduction. Get started with PSBill today. Click here to apply for or inquire about our services. Our staff stands ready to design your customized solution.

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